The Intercom integration allows you to play visitor recordings directly from Intercom.

You can see what are customers doing on your website while you are chatting with them. This gives you precious context about the customers while supporting them and allows you or your support team easily verify customer’s story when they report a bug or an issue on your website. Instead of a lengthy conversation with the customer and deciphering what exactly happened you can simply watch a recording. Based on these insights you can immediately forward given issue to your development team so they can fix it.

Integrating Intercom

To integrate Intercom:

  1. Be sure both Intercom and Smartlook are integrated into your project.

  2. In your Project settings, go to the Integrations page.

  3. Select Intercom from the list.

  4. Enable Integration enabled.

  5. You are taken to the Intercom interface. Click Authorize access.

  6. Once you authorize the integration, you can go back to your Project settings and see that Intercom is enabled.