Google Firebase A/B Testing


Mobile projects only

The Firebase A/B Testing integration is available for mobile project only

Smartlook helps you get deeper insights for your mobile project with Google Firebase A/B testing.

Integrating with Firebase

To integrate with Firebase:

  1. Set up your variations in Firebase as normal.
  2. Create an experiment. Be sure to take note of all the variation IDs.

To locate the IDs, see the Firebase Android documentation or the Firebase iOS documentation.

Within your setUserIdentifier block, add your IDs as custom properties:

Android example:


val userProperties = UserProperties()
    .putEmail("[email protected]")
    .putName("John Doe")
    .put("variation_id", "A")


iOS example:

Smartlook.setSessionProperty(value: "[email protected]", forName: "email")
Smartlook.setSessionProperty(value: "John Doe", forName: "name")
Smartlook.setSessionProperty(value: "A", forName: "variation_id")

For more information on mobile SDKs, see the Smartlook mobile SDK documentation.

You can also group A/B testing sessions with specific parameters, based on experiment and variation, and save them as filters. These can then be used in Smartlook.

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