Google Analytics

Google Analytics Smartlook integration

With Google Analytics, you to play visitor recordings directly from Google Analytics. That saves you time. You don’t have to recreate settings in Smartlook to display recordings related to whatever you were looking at. Just press the play button to open a list of segmented recordings in Smartlook.

Installing Google Analytics

  1. Installing the code

You need to have both Smartlook and Google Analytics installed on your website.

  1. Smartlook account settings

Log into Smartlook and go to your Account settings.

  1. Integrations tab

Go to the Integrations tab. If you have multiple projects in Smartlook, choose the one you want to connect with Google Analytics and click Enable Recordings button.

  1. Google Analytics Dashboard

In Google Analytics, you can add Smartlook Session URL as a secondary dimension.

For example, go to Google Analytics dashboard in Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium

  1. Event Actions

Set a new Secondary dimension to Event Action.

  1. Smartlook recordings

You should be able to see a new column with links to your Smartlook visitor recordings. Just copy the URL of the links and open them in your browser. Make sure you are logged into Smartlook.

  1. Advanced filtering

If you have multiple Event Actions set in your Google Analytics, you can use advanced filtering to view only for Event Actions containing Smartlook URL.